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Dr. Janet DeCesaris’ Lecture

Dr. Janet DeCesaris’ Lecture

On Wednesday 13th of April, we enjoyed a really interesting talk by Dr. Janet DeCesaris, from Universitat Pompeu Fabra, about the American electoral system, which was a real eye-opener for many of us on the importance of the elections in the most powerful country in the world.
There were many ideas expressed at Dr. Janet DeCesaris’ lecture which amazed me. How lasting and complicated the presidential race is was incredibly surprising, and getting to know the reasons why some people are eager to vote for politicians like Donald Trump showed that something does not work properly at all in the US and that everything that shines is not always gold. I was also surprised by the fact that if a candidate wins in a state, he takes all the state’s electors, which I consider to be quite unfair and has occasionally resulted in presidents who have not actually been elected by a popular majority.

Joan Marset, 1r Batxillerat C

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