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The Keystones

School BetàniaPatmos build an educational Project is about seven specific programmatic ideas that support and project their educational activities. So:


We promote a broad basededucation aimed at givving pupilsthe necessary skills to meet challenges of a modern world through rigour in their work, an awareness of the importance of living in a free society and the need to act responsibly, all with the overriding aim of achieving excellence by overcoming difficulties through personal effort, initiative and self-discipline.


We base our educational philosophy on the far-researching personal and collective values of friendship towards others. We aim to help our pupils to be upright, generous, mutually supportive and respectful, free and responsible, austere, to be of service to others, creative and to have a critical spirit.


We consider the school to be a place which facilitates self-realiance. It is the pupils themselves who take maximum responsibility for their outlook on life and only they can generate the necessary motivation and self-esteem that will lead them to personal development and authentic learning in an atmosphere of independence.


We join forces to foster an atmosphere of friendliness which we believe is essential so that pupils feel protected and accompanied, are willing to give rein to their intellectual curiosity and strive to learn through constant effort. We feel that both cordiality and rigour should be constant factors in the day-to-day running of the school and that mutual confidence and affection are compatible with determination, respect and order. In short, to collectively find a balance between authority, freedom and personal responsibility.


In this context we wish to closely monitor the individual needs of each and every pupil throughout the learning process with the implication of the entire educational community. We understand that the attention to specific needs is a key element in accompanying pupils through the learning process especially at those ages when specific help is most effective..


From the academic point of view, the school orients pupils towards a univeristy education as this is the perspective of the vast majority of parents. We want our pupils to have the necessary maturity and skills to be able to face such a challenge with confidence and to have the capacity to reach their goals. It is for this reason that we procure that all pupils reach their full potential in the skills acquired..


We believe our educational programme cannot be successful without the total collaboration between the family and the school, that is to say, the whole educational community. This collaboration is based on the undertaking to share and implement an educational model by mutual accord and to especially encourage fluid two-way communication via positive and commuted meetings between parents and the class tutor.


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